About Us

Transition Glass Products is a specialist glass manufacturer based in the North of England, supplying high specification glass throughout the world.

Housed in a modern factory with state-of-the-art process plant, Transition Glass manufacture products to client specification as well as their own range of glass products.

Our History

Transition (graded sealing) glasses were initially manufactured in the 1940s at a small plant in North East England. Following a take-over the process was moved to the Demaglass site in Nottinghamshire, England.

When SLI acquired Demaglass the decision was made to concentrate on their core activities of bulb and tube production. As a result SLI exited the transition (graded seal) glass market leaving the industry without an alternative choice of supply.

We recognised this niche market and Speciality Glasses Ltd was formed as an independent company. In 2003 the name was changed to Transition Glass Products Ltd to more accurately reflect the nature of our business, and to offer our clients a completely independent quality service, with technical expertise and flexibility of product manufacture.

Our Team

This highly qualified and experienced management team offer a unique blend of skills and experience within the industry which guarantees a high quality of product and service to its customer.

Paul Durrant has over thirty years experience in the glass industry. Paul initially held several management accounting roles before managing ‘total quality’ and ‘continuous improvement’ initiatives. Over the last ten years he has specialised in ‘statistical process control’ and 6 sigma.

Mick Rose, a graduate from Leeds University, began working in the glass industry in 1974 with the then British Glass Industry Research Association. Initially he was with the furnace survey team but soon moved to take responsibility for the glass technology function. In 1985 he took the post of Glass Technologist for Glass Bulbs Ltd. and after SLI Glass bought the company, he took responsibility for furnace and batch plant management.
He had been integrally involved in identifying and implementing improvements to the graded seal glass manufacturing facility, and when SLI Glass left this market, he joined the company that had been established to manufacture this product.

Chris Wanless has over 30 years experience in the glass industry. Chris is a qualified engineer, who has held a number of senior management roles, managing departments and projects. In 1998 he completed his MBA and since then has moved into more operational roles within the industry.
Our Mission

To exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.